Cambridge Bespoke Furniture

Cambridge Bespoke Furniture have designed and handcrafted custom made furniture for over 25 years. I have earnt my reputation by showing flair for imagination and innovation. Furniture can be artistic as well as practical and it is this challenging relationship that gives me the drive and inspiration to produce quality bespoke furniture with the finest attention to detail.

By combining traditional cabinet-making techniques with modern methods for machining wood it is possible to create competitively priced solutions. The finishing touches can be further enhanced by including features such as hand-cut dovetails and lathe-turned drawer pulls.

The timber is sourced locally where possible and the boards are individually selected for their character and patina. Most commissions are undertaken in hardwoods although softwood could be an economic alternative where desired. Every effort is made to ensure suppliers obtain their timber produce from sustainable managed woodlands and forests.

Cambridge Bespoke Furniture specialises in both built-in ( fitted) and free-standing items of furniture. Built-in furniture can be designed to fit any alcove regardless of the irregularity or non-squareness of the space available. Larger pieces are often constructed in modular form to enable ease of movement and access to new locations.

Most commissions are sanded to a high degree of smoothness and finished with several coats of a natural Scandinavian oil, thereby rendering a soft silky sheen that enhances the grain while at the same time protects the wood for years to come. Other solutions for the finish such as paint are also optional where desired.

Feel free to browse to the other pages to give you an idea of the commissions that I have been involved with in the past.

For a demonstration of my work I will gladly invite you by appointment to view some of my articles. You are welcome to provide your own plans or drawings. Alternatively I will be pleased to design these for you without obligation.

Please contact me should you wish to make an appointment to view some of the non-commissioned items. I do not have a public showroom but I would be happy to show you some of the finished articles. Please see the gallery for a selection of commissions and designs.

Ed Garrett-Jones, Furniture Maker at Cambridge Bespoke Furniture.

Enquiries: +44 (0)1638 720665 / 07709 596185
Email: [email protected]