Extendable Oak Dining Table

Extendable Oak Dining Table

This extendable Oak dining table is shown here in its compact state. The solid oak runners allow up to 2 extension leaves and is expandable to 4m in length, allowing placements for 16 people. The 'inset' flared legs enable extra stability as well as contributing to the unique design. The legs are inset to give the diners more legroom.

Extendable Oak Dining Table - Detail

Oak extendable table construction detail

This Oak dining table has been designed to be extendable from 2.8m to 4m in length. The sturdy runners allow either one or two leaves to be added without detriment to the robust construction.

English walnut coffee table

English walnut coffee table

English walnut coffee table strung with ebony and ash to a 6mm depth and finished with rustic oil. Drawer pulls are rosewood inlaid with ash. Notice the symmetry of the grain in the tabletop. The walnut boards were carefully selected from adjacent cuts when the tree was felled.

Ash Dining Suite

Ash Dining Suite

Contemporary ash dining suite with 2 carvers and 6 longback chairs with a Scandinavian oil finish giving excellent protection to horizontal surfaces. The construction of the undercarriage was designed to give stability to the legs while allowing sufficient room to tuck in the chairs around the table.

Side table

yew side table

Side table made from yew-wood with a laquered finish

Selection of Ash Chairs

Artistic ash designer chairs

This image shows both shortback and longback styles and their respective carver versions which include the armrests.

Large refectory table

Large refectory table from reclaimed pine

Large refectory table made from Victorian reclaimed pine. The wood came from the floor of a local chapel that was sadly being demolished. The turned legs were stained and antiqued to match the well-trodden floorboards.

Examples of Tables designed and hand crafted in a variety of woods. Dining tables can be of fixed length or extendable, the latter involving the addition of leaves and can be constructed in a number of ways. Please contact me at Cambridge Bespoke Furniture and I will be delighted to discuss your requirements.

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